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Here As In Heaven

As I was conceived
In my mother’s womb
you knitted me
you formed me

But in heaven
was where you created me
In heaven
you played with me

In heaven
in your love
was my spirit

My spirit yearned for you
in this flesh
created by you
searching for you

Separated from you
lost I had been
tears and pain
had been sown

From then
I knew I needed you
but couldn’t see you
as darkness owned me

I only searched for you

I looked for you
in mountains
in the sea
in oceans deep

I couldn’t find you
I couldn’t do it myself
I couldn’t know
the way to go

Then one day
one very special day
you came
you found me

You lifted me
hugged me
the way you used to hug me
in heaven when I was with you

In Heaven, back home
You showed me your love
so when I searched for you
I knew love was the one I had searched for

Now reunited
with my one
true love
reunited with my God

with the Father
I’d been separated from
for so long

By your blood
you sealed
the bond
you created in the first place

Your forever bought me
because you love me
because you missed me
because I’d been gone

In the arms of the enemy
so one day you could come for me
so one day, daddy
you could hold me again

Did all this
to love more
for me to love you more
because your love is unlimited for me already

The way we loved
when we were
together in heaven

You love me
you care about me
your thoughts
about me are precious

I look to you

You loved me in heaven
you love me here
to you I am dear
all wonderful things in store for me here

You will
give me the best
because you love me

Your love will never seize,
never decrease
because you are the same
as always

The same the day you created me
the same as the day you died for me
the same as you were yesterday
the same you are today

Daddy, you are same forever
the same for eternity
in your arms, I will forever be
because you love me

Isaiah 43 
Matthew 27:51
Isaiah 9:2-7



Chess_piece_-_White_pawn (2)

Wait upon the lord
with one hand to the thief
stopping him with your hand
covered with the blood of the lamb

You are his pawn in his vast army
the role of a pawn
the lowest of the lows
is to follow every command

To follow command you must be listening
constantly watching
eagerly awaiting the lord’s command to you
To do as he pleases as he has planned already

You have a will
exercise it
it has been given to you
to resist the thief

You have a will
with the Lord’s authority
give the devil the answer he deserves
Say NO! to his enticing tactics

The thief cannot steal when you know me
so he steals you before you can know me
he knows my plans for you
he can already see

My carefully laid out strategy
to extinguish his tactics permanently
He was defeated
but he did not accept the defeat

Now my blood covers you as my receipt
I bought you all for eternity with my blood
so he cannot win
but he still tries

You understand must who I created you to be
understand you are a pawn
a soldier in my army
built to follow my commands

You have been given victory
Victory over every lie
every deceit
everything that is negative

 You will be struggling
as you come in
Full of the lies he is
because he stole you before you knew me

In his desperate attempt to defeat me
he still stealing
stealing my children
before they know me

To know me you must be with me
So I sent those who know me already
I commanded them to move as I will
their hands already covered with my blood

Showing him the receipt
they take what I purchased
but he is cleaver you see
so it is important for the ones I send to keep their eyes on me

You who I send be careful
Diligently watching
Yes I give you strength to obey me
do not be deceived

The strength is not to fight for me
but to speak what I speak
The strength is
to be my mouth piece

So when I send you to retrieve
what rightfully belongs to me
Say “I come in the name of the Lord”
declare it with my authority

You are my messenger
not the authority
but stand in my authority
in front of he

For he knows the rules
He knows mine is the victory
His only tactic is
deception and deceit

He will tell all sorts of tall tails
and stories that sound intriguing
But you are a servant of the lord
Here to retrieve his property

Declare as my servant
what he knows already
and bring me
my property

I have works
for each one in my army
as I know the devil
and his dirty schemes

He will hurt all he has stolen
so badly
that they will not see
the glory of me

They will first need healing
for all the wounds he has inflicted on them
from all the torture, all the pain
there will first need to be healing

He will make sure you were in bondages
so you cannot run from him or escape him
I will need to release those bondages, dear child
but I will do it slowly

For I know the pain it will cause
if I do it quickly
the bondages will be free
but you will be in great agony

When you are in pain
I hurt more
There are tears in my eyes
seeing you like this

I have you in my arms then
giving you the rest you need
For I alone know
how long it will take for you to gain strength

None of you can do anything by your own might
do as I told you
do not lean on your own understanding
not everyone is like you

I have created each child uniquely
You will not know what they need
But when you retrieve them
Give them to me

They are my property
they are not for you to clean
they are my property
give them to me

They are my property
don’t steal them from me
As I give you one
pray to me

If you lean on your own understanding
you will fall
and hurt the one
I told you to retrieve

Do not think “this is how the Lord did it with me”
Do not take your eyes off ME
it is not about other people
it is about ME

It is never about anyone but ME
I love those who are created by ME
you need to see
that’s every human being

I do not say you cannot do any wrong
but did not see what torture
what pain devil inflicted on these people
these so you cannot heal

For you do not even know their injury
It is I that see’s their wounds, their gashes
he picks my chosen few to torment
in front of my eyes to cause me pain

My dear child, I chose you
I created you
No longer fear
Your father is here

He is here
he will protect you
The devil will no longer hurt you
let me heal you

You do not know me in the beginning
when you are first brought to me
for you have only known fear
until you saw me

See me as who I AM, child
I Am your father
I will not hurt you
I care for you, I love you

Love not as he taught you
love not as he showed you
for that love is not real
Real love is me

Come, learn from me
I have chosen vessels yes
but the love they contain is limited
for a vessel can only hold so much

But I am unlimited
come feel me
come to me
come seep me in

Come let me show you
what love really is
let me show you
how you were and are meant to be

John 10:10
Zachariah 4:6
Isaiah 54:7


christian · LoveofGod



Frogs sit on the leaf of the lily. They dare not touch it. They jump over it but they don’t try to sit on it. How do they know that she is not meant to be touched? How do they know not to sit on it? Who teaches them these things? These laws in nature.

Insects, frogs and many other creatures in a pool of water called a pond. Amidst all this sits a lily. In the muck, the yuck the guile she sits there; all beautiful She is not phased by her surrounding rather she flourishes in it. She knows her place. She knows she is the centre of attention. The thing of absolute beauty that people will come to see. The royalty of a place otherwise unworthy.

She eloquent, elegant full of grace; adorned perfectly, gorgeous to behold.  She is the attraction. She is the prize. She is exceptional but she is not just beauty; she is powerful. God forbid an insect to get caught in her petals as she closes, it will die by morning.

Frogs cannot crush her; though they are bigger. Insects cannot hurt her; though they harm every other thing. The sun cannot scorch her; she is shaded. The wind cannot move her; her roots go deep.

In a world surrounded by sin, you sit unphased because you are ordained as a royal just like our lily. You see so many falling around you, consumed by sin but you stand firm because your roots are in your King. Never forget who you were called to be; the attraction of a place otherwise unworthy, full of beauty. Just like the lily.

Isaiah 61:3
Psalm 91: 7-8 
Psalm 46:5


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Believing is not seeing
Believing is not wanting
Believing is not feeling
Believing is not looking

Believing is me
Believing is all me
Believing is all from me
Believing is all to me

Believing is coming to me
Believing, walking with all your burdens
Believing is coming to me
Believing, bringing it to me

Believing in me
Believing truly
Believing in me
Believing without seeing

Believing in the unseen
Believing in the unreality
Believing in the unheard
Believing in the unwarranted

Believing in me
Believing, though it may not make sense
Believing, although you cannot see
Believing life is me

Believing restoration is me
Believing revitalization is me
Believing replenishment is me
Believing refreshment is me

Believing you have seen my glory
Believing you have seen me
Believing you may be needing
Believing I will be providing

Believing I don’t fail
Believing I already have victory
Believing Love is me
Believing Love can be

Believing to eternity
Believing not for earthly
Believing dust formed the body
Believing, to dust it will be returning

Believing without warranty
Believing with guarantee
Believing in words spoken by me
Believing my spoken words, are life-giving

Believing for eternity
Believing for living
Believing for being
Believing in being

Believing for me
Believing every miracle is me
Believing you are free
Believing in no more captivity

Believing there is a story
Believing in a story
Believing there is a story
Believing in my story

Believing there’s a story by me
Believing for a story
Believing in the story written
Believing in my writing

Believing in having
Believing I am giving
Believing I am providing
Believing I am healing

Believing in the unseen
Believing even though I cannot be seen
Believing even though you have not seen
Believing and seeing blessing

Mark 9:23
Isaiah 55: 8-11
Matthew 19:26
christian · LoveofGod · Ruth


Today God told me a story;

There was once a king and his queen they both had a little duck in their big palace that they loved very much. They kept it in a place full of greenery, trees and any other thing the duck would need for its comfort.

Now the poor little duck was visually impaired and could not see. The king and queen still loved the duck very much even though it was not as perfect as other ducks may be.
Wherever the duck would go there would be servants ready to make sure the duck came to no harm but the duck could not see so they had to come up with a system to protect it. Hence whenever the little duck would go near something dangerous the servants would throw a stone on something near it to make a noise and let it know there was danger there.

However every time they did this the duck would get scared and the king and his queen would come and call out to it. He would come near them hearing their voice and they would comfort him by showing him their love. Then duck would then calm down and remember that he is safe. The duck trusted the King and His queen for their love for him, never failed.

Just this way God is our owner and warns us when there is danger around. We sometimes can be as blind as the duck and wander into something that would hurt us. He calls to us from that place so we come close to him and shows us his love, his comfort, his tender mercies. We then remember that the Lord is in control and that he has everything handled. He is God and he is for us not against us. I must say, my friends, we need to spend more time with God and know his voice and read more of the word of God so we learn to recognise the warnings so we don’t stray into something that would hurt us.

Proverb 3:5 
John 10: 3-4
John 15:26



Growing-Seeds-1 (2)

I planted the seed
before birth
even before you knew me
I planted it deep within

I planted seed
it was resting
I gave a seed
to give enough harvest for each day

Each new day
you see me
each day
you will discover the seed

Like a fruit with many seeds
I have created you
do not waste it
each one is meant to be planted for me

Each seed is precious to me
each seed has been given by me
I hid it in a sack
for you to find it today

I hid it away
Hid it even from you
so the seed
nothing can destroy

If I gave it too early
in fear, you would eat it
but I gave it in time
so in faith, you can plant it

I gave you these seeds
for ploughing, planting
I gave you these seeds
to be fruitful for me

I gave you these seeds
to give you my mercy
to see you grow
to show you more

I hid them inside you
until you were ready
do not doubt
for I determine when the time is

Do not let this pass by
do not let it go
grab it in both your hands
do not let go

You will not be given this again
for the seed needs to die
to sprout
it needs to be planted

Let it bloom within
let it come forward
let it be used
for feeding others for me

You will see
a farm from this seed
you will grow

I have not planned
for you to be barren
I have given each seed
for you to be fruitful

Receive from Me
the nourishment you need
For it is all in me
that you need for the sowing of this seed

No one who comes to me
will go empty
your faith has set you free
your faith has released the seed

You will see the
labour you sow
in the harvest
you will reap

Work hard for me
as a good farmer should
work hard for me
for the reward is good

Jeremiah 1:5
Mark 4: 26-29
Matthew 13: 31-32


christian · LoveofGod · Poem · Ruth



Ribbion 2

I want to see your love
I want to see your light
Be my lamp
Guide me through the night

Come to me
I call amidst my fight
I call to you
For you are my delight

The war wages on
carrying through the darkest night
Yet in the darkest hour, I praise you
no fear

After this darkness
there is light
after this darkness
I will see paradise

For he
who is within me
Is far greater
then those around me

Your grace,
your glory,
your love
abound in me

Stitched in my spirit
I walk freely
knowing you are for me
nothing can stand against me

Make me walk
the straight path to life
give me strength
for each step I take

As I take one step forward
you take three
clearing the path
making sure it’s safe for me

I refuse to stand still,
stuck in one place
I move forward,
following Christ my King

I cannot stand still
but I will not rush
I will run
but you determine my pace

You give light
to the track before me
You give me wisdom
with every lap I take

Reaching for
the finish line
placing one foot
in front of the other carefully

Lifting my foot
even if I’m tired or weary
Running toward you
you are, victory

Psalm 32:7
Philippians 3:13 
Romans 8:37