God's Voice · Poem · Ruth

Letters from God

itiswritten (2)

Dear child
I am writing to you
to tell you
I love you

I am writing
for you to read
my word
to you

I am writing
what I tell you
it is true

I am writing
for this is
how I bless you

I am writing
to show you
I’ve got you
in the palm of my hand

My Hand
is so big
it holds you
like a baby

My hand
is where I hold you
but my it’s face
that’s for you to seek

My glory
shines upon you
My hold
will never loosen on you

I am writing
to hold your attention
for a few minutes
as you read this

I am writing
so you can begin seeing
what I wrote for you
beginning to end

I am writing
so I can tell you
what I made for you
what I can do for you

I am writing
to say
I am greater
then all of you

I am writing
now with ink
I am sending
the message

Because without writing
you don’t receive
without writing
it’s not solid

Without writing
you so easily forget
without writing
you don’t remember

All I said
it’s spoken in your ear
then you forget
one minute is all it takes

One minute
to get distracted again
one minute
to lose focus

So I write
To put it in proof
to remind you
of the things I told you

When I write it
you remember it
when I write it
you don’t forget

What is written
is eternal
my word in ink
is alive forever

So I am writing
to confide in you
secrets, mysteries
unlocked especially for you

When I write
I give answers to you
When I write
It is all for you

When I write
it is proof
when it is in writing
it is unarguable

When it is in writing
it protects you
In courts
it speaks for you

When I put it in writing
It defends you
in the hands of the advocate
who fights on behalf of you

What is written
is all for you
but the advocate
knows how to wield it for you

When it’s written
it protects you
it puts barriers up
for you

It puts boundaries
in the courtroom
It allows you
to be the client

You were not
meant to fight
you were meant to
receive the advocate

Receive his counsel
Receive his wisdom
Receive his understanding
he knows the accuser

Allow him
to appeal to the judge
to counter the accuser’s claims
to prove innocence on your behalf

Allow him
to apply mercy
to appeal
to win your case

Allow him
to be the lead
to know his work
to set you free

He is your defender
don’t worry about your accuser
submit to him
he always wins

There is no case
He can lose
allow him
to preside for you

Allow him
to bear your case
as he bore your cross
for decades

He is still carrying crosses
he is still defeating sin
one by one
yet simultaneous

One by one
he frees prisoners
from bondages
of sin

Defeating the accuser
in every case
unlocking chains
and setting captives free

His work is still going
he is standing in the courtroom
as the accuser was constant

He is there
ready to defend you
with everything
the accuser throws at you

To slander you
to make a mockery out of you
to show the power
but there is no power in defeat

His defeat
has always been shown to you
so do not worry
about anything he says to you

Do not worry
about the ‘evidence’
he may produce
or the charges he brings against you

Your advocate
knows the law better than you
so do not engage in rage
he is trying to prompt you to

Do not act in contempt
in court
do not speak out
to argue with the speaker

Instead every time
he shouts something
look to your advocate
asking him to handle it

Your advocate
knows how to shut him up
he knows
what needs to be said

Your accuser
knows you have limited knowledge
therefore he launches at you
but every time he is pacified

For your advocate
knows what counter is needed
your advocate
speaks the truth

The truth
that is meant to set you free
the truth
that is evident

But he tries to twist the truth
and the advocate
sets it straight
with truth against ‘reality’

The reality
full of facts
but because they are facts
does not mean it’s the truth

Do not be fooled by what you see
what you see is only temporary
but the truth in eternal
it will never perish

None of his lies
can ever be comparable
to the truth
that’s why it sets you free

John 4:4
Psalm 139:16
Zechariah 3:1 
John 14:26 


God's Voice · Ruth


Three Peaches 

There was once an old lady and in her backyard, she had a peach tree. The tree was big and strong but the old lady was weak and frail. She could not climb the tree because of her age.

She liked preaches, that’s why she had planted the tree when she was much younger but now it was hard for her to enjoy it because of her age. Nevertheless, she never complained, she picked what she could and did not mumble or grumble about anything. One fine morning she noticed on a low hanging branch, three peaches and she picked each to eat.

She was excited because she hadn’t been able to reach the peaches in a while but this day she did. She lined the peaches up on the chopping board and cut into it one by one. The first one she cut was too ripe, it could not be eaten because it was going bad from the inside, the second one was worse it was actually black but the third one was fine and so she the one good peach and di not complain. She thanked God for it and went on with her day.

That afternoon her doorbell rang, it was a little boy. “Excuse me, mam’, he said very politely,  may I please come in? My friends and I were playing and our ball came into your backyard. May I came in to get it?”

The old lady said yes and let the boy in, he walked into the backyard and the first thing he noticed was the peach tree. He saw a nice juicy peach shining in the sunlight. However, he didn’t want to be rude so he didn’t ask the old lady. He took his ball and as he was about to leave the old lady asked him something. “Would you and your friends mind helping me with something?” she said. “Of course not,” said the boy, “what would you like us to do?'”

She then asked him and his friends to pick some peaches off the tree for her. She explained that she was old and could not get to the fruits herself. So the boys picked the peaches for the old lady and the old lady had three baskets full of peaches. Then she said to the boys, “why don’t you take some? I am but one woman I could not possibly eat all this myself”.

So she shared the fruits with the children, they took two baskets and she kept one for herself. Everyone was happy, especially the old lady because she knew that it was God who made the ball come into her backyard so they all may be blessed by the peaches from the tree in her backyard.

Let’s pray: 
Father, we thank you, we thank you for the abundant grace and provision you have placed in our lives. We thank you for the things when having and for those to come. Father, we ask that you put the right people in our lives and create the right situations for us to receive your blessings and we pray that you give us the grace to wait patiently, without grumbling or complaining while you make things work out for our good. We thank you and we praise you, in Jesus name, we pray Amen. 

LoveofGod · Poem · Ruth



The lion of Juda
came for me today
He came to see me
in my dream

He was walking beside me
in my field
loving the warmth and the cool breeze
the comfort of him next to me

I kneel next to him
and put my arms around him
to hug him
and he tears something out of me

He tears the pride out of me
tears away the person I use to be
tears it away
casts it away

He cast away the old me
so only his child remains
only a child
truly dependent on him

Truly dependent on the lion
then a sister comes
and he tears
her old self away

Casts her fears away
freeing her from her chains
more pain than me
so she holds him tight

She holds him tight
as I hold on tight
he is so big
he is so warm

He is so powerful
he is the authority
he is my daddy
I do not have to worry

He is here with me
I do not have to worry
I have no pain
no fear

For my protector
is here
the King
All other rulers fear

They shrink away
seeing we are with him
I bury my face in him
He makes a sound to comfort me

He is the lion
let lets me hold him close
he radiates justice
protecting his children ferociously

As long as you are here
I am safe
as long as I am with you
nothing can touch me

My sister, sweetly I say to you
The Lord has freed you
he ripped away the things from you
that was hurting you

Come freely, the loin
our father will protect you
he has been protecting you
and with one roar he defeats fears in you

Fear no more for you are also his child
hold on closely
to His Fur
hold on to Him

Hold him closely
feel his love
drawing you in
for you to be free

Stop trying!
draw close to me
I am the one
who gives liberty

I am the one
who set you free
leave everything
draw close to me

As children, we weep in Him
first weeping
then standing
then walking with him.

Holding onto his fur
we still are here
happy, free and healthy
forever and always, we are free

Come to me all who thirst
come to me all who hunger
I am the lion of Juda
I am the provider

Come to me freely
Do not fear
I do not harm my children
I will not harm you

Come from the east
Come from the west
Come children
Come back and rest

Come and rest on me
rest on my shoulders
for I give you comfort
come, I give all you need

All the comfort you need
is in me
All the love you need
is in me

Come to be children of God
As brothers and sisters
come to me with a glad heart
without complaint or bitterness

For when you come to me
I rip your old self from you
I rip it clean
from your bone

Then what are you complaining about?
How can you be hurting?
That girl is gone
you are new, in me

You need to walk in unity
walk freely and openly
keep your eyes on me
not your sisters or your brothers

Don’t you love me?
If you love me
your eyes will only be for me
truly only searching for me

Lamentation 3: 22-25
Jeremiah 29:11-13
Psalm 116: 4-9

Devotional · God's Voice · Ruth


Here’s a little story;

There was once a tree. A tree that was big but produced no fruits. No fruits for many many years so nobody expected any from it. It was there fo a while, not harming anybody but also not helping, just there. 

Then along came a dog. He liked the tree. It had space, it was big, it gave shade and there was plenty he could do with it. This dog had no family; he came along and made the tree his home. 

He would sit under the tree, eat under the tree and he would dig holes,to hide his “treasures” under the tree. He would play under the tree, he would stray under the tree. He would go out and do things but always come back to the tree. 

He loved to play and he loved to find bones and burry them under the tree. The dog liked to have fun and for fun he would dig around the tree. He would dig holes around the tree and leave it. He was having fun doing all this but it looked messy. 

There were holes all around the tree soil everywhere and the dog was loving his life. Then came the rainy season. The rainy season was like all others. The rain was the same the trees were the same, everything was the same except for the tree.

This rainy season the tree looked better. It looked fresher. It was getting more rain though it was raining the same. It was all those holes the dog was digging before. It made the soil more fertile. The holes allowed the water to travel to the roots better. The roots were getting more water, more nutrition then before. It was getting better, stronger. 

One day a miracle happened; there on the branch of the tree, was a fruit!! A tiny green fruit but it was a fruit and all who saw it were astonished. Then there were more and more. More fruits on the tree than those around it. 

The fruits got bigger, ripened and everybody enjoyed it. There were many who picked the fruits of the tree. The dog now shared the space of the tree with many. Some he made friends with others that shooed him away; regardless he was still under the tree. 

There were children that would come to pick fruits off the tree and they made friends with the dog. They would play with him and love him and the dog was even more happy. The children then took the dog with them but he would always come visit the tree and dig around it to bury his treasures. The tree was producing and all was well. 

Whatever your circumstance maybe right now, leave it to God. Keep your faith, he will make things better in his own way in his own timing. You may not see it you may not even like it and it may look messy but trust God still. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heard lean not on your own understanding.

Proverb 3:5 

LoveofGod · Poem · Ruth

First Love


Cry no more child
you will be well
forevermore your Father is with you
your life is His work

He is in control
He is forever good
Every good and perfect gift
He shall give to you

Do not grieve
be not in pain
do not fear
do not lose your hope

You are His first priority
you are His number one
See His love
See His mercy

Put Him first
Seek Him first
Look how he gave us Jesus as the perfect sacrifice
and know you are washed clean by his holy blood

Let God be your first love,
Love Him not because you know love.
Love Him because he loved you first,
Love Him, he is your Father.

He is in your heart
His love is unlimited
He is always here
He is always near

Look within
you will find Him
Look within
that”s where God resides

See yourself through His eyes
See yourself as God’s child
See how you were bought by a King
Adopted into royalty

See the power he has given you
See your authority
See how he loves you

Hebrews 13:6
John 3:16
Revelation 2:4
Ephesians 1:5 

Devotional · God's Voice · LoveofGod


When the Israelites were in the wilderness, God sent bread from heaven and provided quail to sustain them (Exodus 16:13-16)

He gave all they could need supernaturally for the full day early in the morning and gave quail in the evening. They were so blessed to have him, have food in the wilderness where nothing good grows.  The Israelites were like this mumbling and grumbling against Moses and Arron. Complaining constantly throughout everything and untrusting towards God who brought them out of Egypt. They were out of Egypt but Egypt was not out of them. Getting Egypt out was going to be a process for which they were not ready, they were not agreeing to God’s plan for their lives but God still was providing not because of them but for his name sake.

We today are the same we have been brought out of a life of darkness but our thinking is the same. We cannot suddenly become something we are not. Suddenly know how to do things right that it’s why it is important to sit with God each morning and hear from him. Hear his judgements on us, those judgements that reign true.

God is not unjust, he is not cynically or critical; he loves you. He will always speak life over you. He always tells you what you are, you are loved, you are worthy,  you are his inheritance, his righteousness rests on you. He gave his life for you my dear, he didn’t do it because you were good, he did it for you because he knew your weaknesses and he knew all that was wrong with you.

Still, he gave his life for you so he could give you a good life, an abundant life. We cannot have abundance in life walking blindly trying to survive it we have an abundant life when we conquer what needs conquering, when we accomplish something even if it is as little as waking up on time, finishing a painting, taking some time off, or working hard. Whatever it may be God is with and he is always for us.

When we sit with him in the morning, he tells us what we need to do for the day, He tells us how good we are and that he loves us. He will tell us things we didn’t know we needed, that’s why it’s called mana meaning ‘don’t know.’ That’s what the Israelites called the bread from heaven, ‘don’t know’ because they didn’t know what it was. The Same way we don’t know what we need for the day because we have not yet seen it but God knows and he provides whatever we need for that day, that morning. He allows us to enjoy the fruit of our obedience in the evening when we look back on the day and count how many things we have accomplished; it will always be more than you could have done on your own.

The words God speaks to us in the morning sustains us. Sit with God, pour out your heart, let him pour himself into you every morning. Let his faithfulness be your mantra, his goodness be your joy and let his name be your banner. He is a strong tower run to him, whether times are good or times are bad, run to him and know how to tackle each day to be victorious. Don’t stop listening to Him, trust his voice and his judgement. Sit with everyday to learn what you don’t know you need for the day.


Devotional · LoveofGod


 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ
2 Cor 10:5

Imaginations are where unicorns come from, imaginations are where our horrors come from. I do not know if many people realize this but the gift of imaginations is also in imaginations so not all imaginations are bad. Imagination is a pathway God created and uses to communicate with us and nothing God creates is bad, just sometimes corrupted by evil. So let’s not try and deactivate our imaginations lest we block ourselves from God, instead let us be watchful and know what things are against God’s will and pull those down. Paul in this verse saying casting down imaginations he doesn’t tell us to cast down all imaginations just those that God doesn’t like us imagining.

Things like worrying. Worrying is imagining things going wrong, not working out and/or not being in our favor. Worrying is not in the will of God and Jesus spoke of it very clearly in Matthew 6:25-33. We cannot add a day to our lives, not even a second by worrying; instead, we need to have faith in God.

We worry so easily and operate in faith so little to overcome this we need a few things:

  1. Prayer
  2. Word of God
  3. Holy Spirit

Bible tells us not to be anxious about anything and give everything to God in prayer. That same God that spoke the earth into existence, that keeps the birds fed, dresses the lilies, knows your name, he is with you and for you. The Lord of heaven’s armies, to whom the earth is like a grain of sand, who is so great, is concerned about you. He cares for you, he concerns himself with you all because he loves you. He will make every little thing work out for your good.

Read the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to bring the word to remembrance so you do not forget what you read but put it into action. Keep the word on your lips, not worries. If things are out of your control then worrying does nothing but fill your time so better to fill your time with the word of God. As for the things that we can influence, worrying doesn’t get you closer to your goals, it only puts it off. You would have the tasks finished in less time than you spend worrying about it.

Do not delay, do not try and have it all figured out then try and do it, just take a step of faith and do whatever needs doing. You will never have it all figured out but by faith and by God’s word we know He does. He is above everything and he is directing your life, He has it written out and figured out so yield your days to him and take the work/tasks/ gifts he gives to you and put it into action.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart my friend for his love for you surpasses all understanding. He gave us his one and only son Jesus who now is with each one of us through his sacrifice and obedience, loving on us each day being our friend. That same friend we can share our hearts with, laugh with and cry with. We haven’t the need to imagine things when we open ourselves to the love of God because through imagination may be limitless, it can never come close to what love is.

Declare this,

God is love, he is for me, he gave his only son for me and he will give me all things I could ever need by the riches in glory in Christ Jesus. I am well taken care of by God. I have nothing to worry about. Heavenly Father love me today so your perfect love casts out all my fears and all unworthy imaginations. In Jesus name, we pray Amen.